The response to The Premise has been greater than I had imagined. Already it has broken into the Top 100 for Political Fiction at Amazon/Kindle, and has generated over 1,100 likes on facebook.

Up next will be the release by December 2015 of The Premise audio book, and it's creation is quite remarkable. I am working with two talented actors who are teaching me a lot about voices, sound effects, and pacing! All very exciting!

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I am also working every day on the sequel to The Premise, titled Absolution. This next book will pick up where the first one left off, and I promise it will have even more surprises than The Premise did! 

As my readers know, The Premise deals with the clash of good and bad that results from scientific discovery. In Absolution, I explore this even in more detail, and bring to light long held beliefs that may just be holding humanity back, and preventing our society from living harmoniously.