"I believe a scientific discovery has been made that will change everyone's very existence, even upend the economy. If I'm right, this discovery will cause people to rethink what they are doing with their lives, how they relate to their neighbors, and change the future course of humanity itself!" 
-Jack Colder, The Premise

Willis smiled, then his expression went serious. "I appreciate your taking this so well folks, I really do, but I want to stress to you that these men are no common wise guys. From viewing the tape, Dr. Baker was targeted, specifically and repeatedly. And you," Willis said turning to Jack, "were abducted from a lobby full of people in broad daylight.
"That is nothing to joke about. Whatever their motivation, they took extreme risk in the past few days. Now, before giving me another flippant reply, I want you to think carefully about the answer to my next question. Do either of you know why someone would target you relentlessly?"
The word relentlessly seemed to take the air out of the room. Up until that point, Jack and Colleen had been so relieved that they were each okay. Okay and safe with security now shadowing their every move, they had become giddy with relief.
Willis had reset their mood with a single word.