About the Author

  Andy Crossfield now lives in Lakeland Florida, but grew up in Griffin, Georgia, the middle son of innately curious parents. Like most kids coming of age in the sixties and seventies, he experienced both the optimism of a better world the 21st century would bring, and the fear instilled by the cold war. That contrast between good and bad is the central theme he explores in his first novel, The Premise- A Novel To Save The World.

  "I didn't get the urge to write until my late fifties- when I found myself reading to my father every day" he explained. "Dad had macular degeneration, and reading helped us communicate. Our favorites were Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, and, for historical context, David McCullough. They just have a clarity about their writing, and plot twists we couldn't see coming. It makes them hard to put them down. I wanted to emulate that style as best I could.

  "With 'The Premise', I wanted to give people hope. Particularly those who have lost faith in America. I wanted to present a story that is fairly plausible and gives us all hope in the next big scientific discovery.. the kind of optimism in the future I had growing up. I wanted to save the world from our pessimism by outlining a plausible scenario involving a scientific discovery. And failing that, as one reader remarked after noticing the subtitle, at least I'm humble."